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About Waymark Legal

At Waymark Legal, we believe that every step in your immigration journey should be guided by a clear and well-defined path. Our firm's name, "Waymark," holds a special significance that reflects both our mission and the inspiration behind it.


What is a Waymark?

A "waymark" is a point of reference or a guiding symbol that marks a path or route, ensuring travelers stay on course. Just as the yellow arrows on the Camino de Santiago guide pilgrims along their spiritual journey, we, at Waymark Legal, are committed to guiding you through your immigration journey with unwavering clarity, compassion, and expertise.

The Camino Connection

Our founder's personal journey along the Camino de Santiago in Europe and the Caminho da Fé in Brazil, served as the catalyst for the birth of Waymark Legal. During these transformative pilgrimages, she discovered the profound power of waymarks - the bright yellow arrows that illuminated her path. These waymarks not only directed her on the physical route but also served as poignant reminders of her own journey of self-discovery.

As she walked the Camino, she had many realizations about her professional life and the immense impact she could make by helping even more individuals navigate the complex U.S. immigration landscape. This experience became the cornerstone of Waymark Legal's commitment to guiding individuals, families, and businesses through their immigration processes, ensuring they reach their destination with confidence and ease.


Our Mission

At Waymark Legal, we understand that immigration can be a challenging and often uncertain path. Our mission is to be your waymarks, ensuring that you are always moving in the right direction and making informed decisions. 

Our Founder

Angelica Sciencio is a seasoned immigration attorney with a commitment to excellence that spans over a decade. Since embarking on her legal career in 2009, Angelica has dedicated herself to advocating for the rights and aspirations of countless individuals, families and businesses navigating the complex immigration landscape.

Angelica has always been a trailblazer. Her journey began with a stellar academic record, earning her numerous awards and distinctions during her time in law school. Her relentless pursuit of excellence didn't stop there. In the legal field, she has garnered industry recognition, earning accolades that showcase her dedication to her clients, her community and her craft.


Angelica is not just an exceptional attorney; she is also a published author and thought leader in her domain. She has co-authored the book "How to Open and Manage a Law Office", and has penned numerous articles that serve as valuable resources for individuals seeking guidance on various issues. 


In Santiago de Compostela

Her commitment to sharing knowledge led her to teach Immigration Law for the University of California San Diego's Paralegal extension program and give many presentations on issues that affect the legal community in general.

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Angelica's practice. She understands the unique challenges faced by diverse communities seeking a new home or opportunities in the United States. Her unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion ensures that all clients receive the compassionate, tailored support they deserve, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Angelica is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish allowing her to better understand and address the unique needs of each client, ensuring a smoother and more personalized immigration process.

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